Innovation at Holiday Systems International

Sometimes you have to employ innovative and creative measures to improve
matters, rather than leave them in the whimsical hands of fate. Such was the goal of Craig Morganson, CEO of Holiday Systems International (HSI), in his role as moderator/speaker at the recent 2010 American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Convention’s education session, held in Las Vegas, Nevada and entitled “Evolving the Vacation Ownership Value Proposition & Stabilizing Maintenance Fees”. As ARDA noted in “In the current economic climate the importance of enhancing the value proposition, stabilizing Maintenance Fees and developing new revenue streams from ‘service’ has never been more crucial.”

The panel acknowledged that people throughout the world love to travel, own resort property and enjoy frequent vacations, but they are finding it harder and harder to afford the expense. Mr. Morganson and the panel explained that by offering additional exclusive services and benefits to current and
prospective clientele, a positive outcome results. This is the theory underlying the value proposition, but with emphasis on measurable value and sustainability. When partnering with companies such as HSI, businesses
increase the attractiveness of their base product, their clientele see more value for their money and are more likely to purchase and less likely to become delinquent. This, combined with HSI’s exclusive revenue-sharing commitments, allows a rare scenario of enhancing, leaning and increasing revenue simultaneously. This increase in revenue can be used to offset Maintenance Fees and even re-invested into more expanded services to their One such additional service component that has proven to enhance the Vacation Ownership attractiveness and value proposition has been the inclusion of HSI’s exclusive private clientele services and technology. HSI’s private clientele benefits provide comprehensive “best-price” travel and Vacation Ownership services not available to the general public. This Value Proposition enhancement has proven to be successful in increasing sales and service for those entities offering HSI services.

The Vacation Ownership industry must consider their customer needs when deciding which industry partners are most capable of enhancing their Value Proposition in a measurable and sustainable way. Only through proper
selection of service providers can they demonstrate end-user value, recover financial health and provide excellent customer services to their customers. As the seminar title indicates, the value proposition must evolve without
making the prospect too costly for customers to enjoy.